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About Us

About us

GL’s Journey

GL, founded on April 15, 2019, has grown significantly and transformed into a group of companies by May 1, 2024. GL Group is the first privately owned group of companies in Azerbaijan's energy industry. We have been recognized as the partner of choice for mature conventional brownfields. 

GL Group's management team consists of experts with significant international experience in the oil and gas industry. GL Group is committed to delivering excellence and creating significant value through strategic acquisitions and investments. With a well-defined strategy, we are on a journey to become a regional, mid-size energy company, committed to delivering excellence and creating significant value.

We carry out oil and gas operations in five significant fields in Azerbaijan, namely "Kursangi" and "Garabaghli" in the Salyan district, "Buzovna-Mashtagha", "Gala", and "Zira" on the Absheron Peninsula.

In 2021, GL acquired the China National Petroleum Corporation's share in Salyan Oil Limited.  In 2022, GL expanded further, acquiring three oil and gas fields from SOCAR and establishing the "Taghiyev Operating Company."  We have enhanced our portfolio by founding "GL Technical Services" in late 2022 – a company known as GLTS primarily specializing in professional oil field services, including wireline logging and well maintenance, as well as workover rig operations services. GLTS also focuses on diversification of the business stream to include other services in the energy industry.

GL invests in the direction of acquiring existing efficient assets and optimizing their production. GL is committed to excellence in the production and protection of people and the environment by adopting international standards and technologies.

At GL Group, our commitment to excellence and value creation shapes every facet of our operations. Anchored by a steadfast dedication to international standards and cutting-edge technology, we strive for production excellence that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Our operations are guided by a rigorous Operating Management System (OMS), ensuring efficiency and innovation at every step.

We believe in the power of our people, which is why we seek out and hire the best industry talent. Our team is the cornerstone of our success, driving us forward with their expertise and passion.

As we advance, we remain deeply committed to the well-being of both our people and the planet. Protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of our community are paramount. We operate responsibly, mindful of our role as a committed member of the local community, contributing positively and sustainably.

At GL Group, we are more than an energy company; we are a dedicated partner in progress, fostering growth, safety, and sustainability for a better tomorrow.

Strategic Framework

Our Values


We adhere to high ethical standards. We do the right thing. We fulfill our promises. We conduct our activities with complete transparency. We strive to build long-lasting relationships and trusted partnerships. We treat our employees, partners, and customers with fairness, honesty, and respect.